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The Sheik of Araby

This recording is from an original 16" acetate, one of three simultaneous recordings made on 7th August 1939, and issued on a 16" transcription for the Associated Program Service. The logo (left) is from a booklet produced in the early 1930s for Radio City, New York City. [2.7 MB download]

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From a private Lp produced by Ed Kirkeby (Fats Waller's manager) and distributed to his friends, which uses original masters or test pressings, unlike the commercial issues which are dubbed with inferior sound quality. Recorded in England on 13th June 1939. The reverse of the Kirkeby Lp has his signature pasted on the typed label. [1.8 MB]


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Moon River (excerpt)

This excerpt is from a "Moon River" 16" transcription from 1946 (after Waller's death), and broadcast over station WLW in Cincinnati. Fats Waller is reputed to have played the same Wurlitzer pipe organ on the program during the early 1930's, but unfortunately no recordings have been found from this period. [2.5 MB]

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Stop Pretending

Commercial issue on 78 rpm record Bluebird B-10829, recorded in New York City on 16th July 1940. The record is in excellent "E" condition, but some small defects have been repaired using another copy of the same record, and then lightly restored using computer software. [3.0 MB]

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