The Fats Waller Ultimate Discography

The discography is compiled from my own extensive Fats Waller record collection, built up over the last 50-years, and also from original research carried out on my behalf at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., and other public and private sources. Previously published discographies have been consulted, including Brian Rust's Jazz Records 1897 - 1942, Laurie Wright's excellent bio-discography "Fats" in Fact, and others. A version of the Discography is included in my book Fats Waller on the Air: The Radio Broadcasts and Discography, published in March 2006 by Scarecrow Press, although the Ultimate Discography includes later additions and corrections to the published version.

I believe this is the most complete and accurate Fats Waller listing to date, and features the following: -

  • Lists 78 rpm, Ep, Lp, CD, DVD, and video tapes, and includes most issues up to 21st May 2005, the 101st anniversary of Fats Waller's birth, plus additional issues issued to date if they have something special to offer. A few CD issues from minor record labels are not included, for the simple reason that I have been unable to obtain a copy of the CD. In addition, issues which are compilations of various artists with no particular interest may be excluded.
  • Includes recordings not listed in previous discographies.
  • Corrections to previous listings, including date corrections.
  • A simple description for the different takes of the same tune, for identification purposes. The Discography includes band personnel and recording location for each session.
  • The Discography can be freely edited in Microsoft Word. Recordings in your own collection can be highlighted in Word and saved or printed. A version in Adobe PDF format is also available.
  • A "Miscellaneous" section with recordings previously attributed to Fats, and my reasons for thinking that they are not by him.

For an example of a section of the Discography, please Click Here.

I have now produced an Interactive version of the Discography in Adobe PDF format only which is available gratis to those purchasing the standard Discography. The Interactive edition includes links to a large selection of label scans, original Victor recording sheets and Gennett file cards, a number of restored audio files, and all of Fats Waller's appearances on film including the four Soundies.

The discography is only available over the Internet. An e-mail address must be provided to send the document as an e-mail attachment. The subscription price is US$16, or equivalent in other currencies. I can accept PayPal, or Pound Sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank, or Cash (any currency) at senders risk (registered mail suggested), or Bitcoins. Please email me for information on how to send directly to my bank account to save time.

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